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Having a beautiful, healthy-looking smile is a huge confidence booster, and it can also improve overall oral health. Dr. Francisco J. Blanco offers a wide variety of cosmetic treatment options to help patients throughout Miami, FL get the beautiful smiles they've been dreaming of.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a specialty area of dentistry that focuses on making the teeth, gums and smile more attractive. While the primary goal of cosmetic treatments is to improve the appearance of the smile, many cosmetic procedures also restore the teeth. An experienced dentist is skilled in assessing the entire mouth and smile to determine the best procedures and treatments to help a patient achieve their goals and feel great about the way their teeth and gums look.

What kinds of dental treatments are considered cosmetic?

Cosmetic dental procedures can include any treatment aimed at improving the way the teeth, gums, and smile appear. Popular cosmetic procedures include:

  • teeth whitening to remove surface stains and help teeth look healthier
  • veneers and dental bonding to help teeth appear straighter, to hide deep discoloration, and to correct other defects like cracks and chips
  • dental implants to replace missing teeth with restorations that look and feel like “natural” teeth
  • tooth-colored fillings to make restorations that are virtually invisible
  • crowns, inlays, and onlays to address larger defects in teeth
  • gum recontouring to restore a natural gum line in patients with significant gum disease and recession

Many patients opt for multiple treatments for a complete “smile makeover.”

Can cosmetic procedures improve my overall oral health?

Yes, many cosmetic procedures do “double duty,” improving the appearance of the smile while also helping to improve oral health or prevent future issues from occurring. For instance, tooth-colored fillings look great, but they also create very strong bonds with the tooth surface to help keep decay from forming underneath the filling. Crowns and veneers cover cracks and chips to protect the tooth from decay while also providing additional strength for the tooth. And gum recontouring procedures can keep bacteria from reaching deeper portions of the tooth including the root to help prevent tooth loss due to gum disease.

Are cosmetic treatments covered by insurance?

Treatments like teeth whitening that are performed purely for cosmetic reasons typically are not covered by insurance. Procedures that are both cosmetic and restorative may be partially covered. Budget-friendly financing options can help make the cost of care much more affordable.

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