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Even a single missing tooth can increase the risk of future tooth loss if it's not replaced quickly. Dr. Francisco Blanco is a trusted provider of durable, comfortable, natural-looking dentures for patients in Miami, FL, helping men and women enjoy greater self-confidence as well as better oral health.

Dentures Q & A

How long does it take to become comfortable with dentures?

Like any new device, dentures do take a little getting used to, but wearing them as directed for the full period of time during the breaking-in period can help “speed up” that adjustment time so eating, speaking and general wear become more comfortable. Most patients adjust within a week or two of receiving their dentures. Patients should practice reading aloud to get used to the feel of the dentures, and eating a variety of foods at home before going out to eat is also important. Men and women who have had partial dentures in the past tend to adjust more quickly to full dentures than those who have never had dentures.

Are dentures hard to care for?

No, dentures can be brushed with a soft brush and soaked in special solutions to kill bacteria and other germs that can cause decay and gum disease. Brushing can also help remove “stuck on” adhesives so dentures fit more comfortably. It's also very important to have routine dental visits even if all natural teeth have been removed. Regular dental checkups allow Dr. Blanco to make sure your dentures fit properly and to monitor the health of your jaw, gums, and other soft tissue in your mouth.

What tooth replacement device is best for me?

The choice between a denture and a bridge is a matter of personal preferences and Dr. Blanco helps his patients to decide on the best option to restore their smiles while keeping budgets in mind. Bridges attach to the teeth on either side of a gap left by one or more missing teeth, and they can increase the wear and strain on those teeth, increasing the risk of eventual damage. However, because bridges are attached to remaining teeth, some patients find them easier to get used to. Some patients find permanent bridges are much more difficult to care for compared to dentures, and bridges cannot be used without healthy teeth to provide attachments. Some types of dentures can be attached to implants using special clips so they're more comfortable and secure. Patients will have a chance to learn about all their options during their office visit.

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